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5 Things to know when planning a beach wedding in South Florida

Getting married with your toes in the sand is a dream many people have when thinking of wedding day. The pictures can be absolutely beautiful! We want to make sure your beach ceremony is perfect so here are some things to know when planning a South Florida beach wedding.

Beach wedding ceremony with hanging chandeliers

1. Make sure to tell your guests that ceremony is on the beach. Just because you may have picked a hotel on the beach with event space doesn’t always mean that you are getting married in the sand. Lots of venues have an area that over looks the beach however your feet never touch the sand. Lets face it, we all know that ladies would rather wear their heels with a dress over flats.

2. It is always more windy on the beach. While there may be a light breeze everywhere else around town, the minute you step on the beach there comes that constant wind. It’s great for keeping your guests cool but just keep this in mind when choosing décor, hair style, dresses, candle lighting ceremonies and more.

3. Always have a back up plan. In a perfect world it would never rain on wedding day but a beach wedding in South Florida has the potential. Better to have a back up plan well in advance than be rushing around on wedding day. Depending on the venue, you will generally need to make a ‘rain call’ at least an hour and a half before ceremony. Some venues and vendors will require longer depending on set up. Your wedding planner will be crucial in helping with this decision.

4. Shoe valet and Flip flops. Yep we said it! Have a cart or table for guests to put their shoes on so they don’t have to hold them the entire ceremony or have them touch the sand. Have a basket of flip flops by it for guests that may want to still wear some version of a shoe!

A sitting area on the beach with shoe valet for wedding ceremony
Shoe Valet for your beach wedding

5. After ceremony. Make sure that you have a place for guests to wipe the sand off of their feet. Nobody wants to walk around all night with sand in their toes. There are some really cute options that work! Our favorite are Paint Brushes…Yes really! Get a bench, cute basket, paint brushes and a sign. Guests sit down and brush the sand off their feet. Trust us, your guests will love you for this!

Paint brushes on a stand to brush the sand off your feet


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