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Wedding Websites!

Let’s talk wedding websites! They are a game changer and I highly recommend everyone have one! They keep you from getting bombarded with text, calls and emails.

Let me break it down for you from where to start to what to include!

Where to start…

There are a ton of options out there for wedding websites and not all offer the same features so you really have to think about how detailed you want it to be, what features are the most important to you and do you care about design or do you want something more basic.

A few sites that I recommend…. Zola is a very popular one among a lot of my couples. You get basic customization but it has an extensive guest list management feature which a lot of couples really like. Your guests can also purchase gifts from your registry directly on your website.

Minted is another great one in that it has the most website design options. If you are really into everything matching and flowing with your overall look this is the way to go. You can also order matching stationary, invitations etc directly from them. They have an RSVP feature as well.

Joy is another option and the thing that stands out the most compared to other wedding websites is it has an app to go with it! Your guests can download the app on their phone and access information at any time. They also have a feature on the app that allows you to stream guest photos live at the wedding for everyone to see.

Once you pick your wedding website platform start designing and let your personality shine through!

What to add…

Now that you have made your website all beautiful let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what really needs to be on it.

A photo of you two lovebirds! I also recommend writing a brief description of how you two met or some fun facts about each of you! It helps family and friends who you haven’t met feel more connected with you before the wedding.

Hotel/lodging information. Unless you are having a destination wedding, getting married in the mountains or somewhere with limited options I would recommend giving your guests two choices of places to stay.

Transportation. If you have set up for a bus to come and transport your guests from the hotel to the venue let them know! Also don’t forget to put the time the shuttle will be picking them up. I recommend telling your guests 10 minutes earlier than the actual time so that the late ones don’t miss the bus and it doesn’t cause any delays in the schedule.

Timeline. Guests always leave their invitations at home! Make sure you provide a basic timeline for them to refer to (i.e. Ceremony time, cocktail and reception).

What to expect upon arrival. Give your guests some idea of what to expect when they arrive before ceremony. Is there valet or do they have to self park. Is your ceremony outside and do they need to plan for the elements?

Attire. Please make sure you put the attire you want worn at the wedding. You don’t want someone showing up in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts if you are having a black tie wedding.

Activities. If you are in a town with lots to do let your guests know about it! It also allows you to show your personality. Tell them about your favorite ice cream shop or local brewery. They will be thrilled to have the recommendation!

RSVP. For my eco-friendly or technology savvy couples there are options where you can have your guests RSVP right on your wedding website. No more receiving little envelopes in the mail with horrible handwriting! While it is not for everyone a lot of couples are going for this option.

Last but not least…

Where to announce you have a wedding website? On your save the date or invitation!

Trust me when I tell you, you will save yourself hours of texting, talking and emailing people just by having a wedding website!

Good Luck and Happy Designing!

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