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January 16, 2019

Congratulations on being engaged! I bet you are feeling over the moon with excitement and joy! A million thoughts about your wedding day are probably already starting to creep into your mind. Once your friends and family know, the prying questions will start! The ultimate question of where to start can quickly seem like a very daunting one. Don’t worry, we are going to guide you on what to do first!

1. ENJOY THE MOMENT! Don’t let anyone make you feel rushed into making decisions or start the planning process before you want to! If people start asking questions about details come up with...

January 14, 2018

Wedding Planning can be hard work! Here are a few tips and tricks to make your wedding day easier.

1. Make a Master List! It is the first thing I tell couples to do because it will make their lives SO much easier in the long run. Having a master list of guests you are inviting will save you time throughout the process. It is also one of the main things your venue and planner will need.

Make separate columns- first name, last name, yes/no (if they can come or not), table number and entrée choice. As you go throughout the process you will slowly be able to fill in these columns. As you get...

August 1, 2017

There are many misconceptions when people start to think about hiring a planner. Here are the top three:

1. Do I really need one or can I do it myself?

You really do need a planner and here is why… they are the expert and professional in this industry! They offer helpful money saving tips, lots of useful insight, many problem solving solutions, décor help, they can recommend trustworthy vendors and most importantly they are there on the day of to oversee absolutely everything and everyone!

FYI: Even professional planners hire another planner for the day of their wedding.

2. I am really org...

November 12, 2014


Guest list help and control is a question often asked. There are many concerns among people about: proper etiquette, not being able to read the returned rsvps, we don't have enough money for all of the people that rsvp'd, A and B lists etc. The list of questions is endless! This article is going to help you sort through everything and take the worry away!



First things first….

Have an A and B list of guests to invite. The general rule is that anywhere from 15-20% of the guests you send invitations to won’t be able to come. Of course there are exceptions to this rule just li...

March 19, 2014

Everyone hopes it doesn't rain on their wedding day but when planning your big day in South Florida you need to have a Plan B! Here are some helpful tips when trying to prepare.


1. Purchase colorful or color coordinating rain boots and umbrellas for your bridal party or all of your guests. It will look great in your pictures and still keep that uniformed upscale look you are hoping for. When looking for umbrellas think about the different options depending on the style of your wedding. A few options are a parasol umbrella - for that vintage look, LED ligh...

July 27, 2013

For those fashion forward, what's new and trending type of people! Check out what this article has to say about what's trending for summer 2013 events!



July 17, 2013


As much as everyone wants their weddings to go perfectly, reality is not every little detail always does. Face it, most likely nothing in your life is 100% perfect 24/7.. BUT.. we all strive for it to be. A bride knows what everything she has planned should run like in her mind. When one little tiny thing doesn't happen a certain way the bride thinks that all of her guests know.... They don't! I promise! If you don't draw attention to something that may be minor your guests won't even know! So...don't panic! Everyone is so busy visiting with each other and catching...

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July 17, 2013

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