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What To Do When It Rains!

Everyone hopes it doesn't rain on their wedding day but when planning your big day in South Florida you need to have a Plan B! Here are some helpful tips when trying to prepare.

1. Purchase colorful or color coordinating rain boots and umbrellas for your bridal party or all of your guests. It will look great in your pictures and still keep that uniformed upscale look you are hoping for. When looking for umbrellas think about the different options depending on the style of your wedding. A few options are a parasol umbrella - for that vintage look, LED light up umbrellas - look great in the evening and at night, or a great printed umbrella.

2. First Look. Many people are opposed to seeing each other before the big walk down the aisle, but if you know it will be raining by the time the ceremony is finished it might be a good idea to get some of your pictures taken before.

3. Photography. A good Majority of photographers in Florida will have plenty of experience with what to do if it rains but it is always good to ask. When looking at your venue, also look for a location to shoot under cover.

4. Make-up and Hair. We all know that our make-up can run and our hair can get frizzy when it rains. See if your make-up artist or hair stylist can stay a little longer so you can get a quick touch up before your reception. Realize that you will probably have to pay a little extra for this but it will be well worth it!

5. Bring Towels. Such a simple thing but most won't remember to bring any. Towels can be used for you or your guests, to wipe off benches, or dry a seat. Bring more towels than you think you will need and if you plan ahead you can color coordinate.

6. Back up Space. One of the more important things I recommend to my clients is a back-up space or a tent. When looking at your venue ask if there is an indoor space that can accommodate all of your guests if it rains. If you are not in a space that has this option I would seriously consider checking into a tent rental. It is Florida and there is a fairly high chance that it could rain!

Don't be discouraged, just be prepared and it will take the stress out of your big day!

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