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Wedding Tips, Tricks and Advice!

Wedding Planning can be hard work! Here are a few tips and tricks to make your wedding day easier.

1. Make a Master List! It is the first thing I tell couples to do because it will make their lives SO much easier in the long run. Having a master list of guests you are inviting will save you time throughout the process. It is also one of the main things your venue and planner will need.

Make separate columns- first name, last name, yes/no (if they can come or not), table number and entrée choice. As you go throughout the process you will slowly be able to fill in these columns. As you get rsvps back that are “no’s” you will be able to delete them off of your list thus leaving you with a very helpful master list for your planner and venue that will have all of the important information they need!

2. Thank You Notes. A lot of people are now ordering gifts online and sending them directly to the couples before the wedding. This is kind of nice as it makes transferring gifts at the end of the night a whole lot easier! To help alleviate the labor intensive task of writing thank you notes after the wedding, write your thank you notes as your gifts trickle in. It won’t seem like such a daunting task anymore.

3. Please EAT! I tell all of my couples that it is so important to eat breakfast and/or lunch on the day of the wedding. People usually laugh when I say it, but I’m serious, nobody wants to see the bride, groom or anyone in the wedding party passing out because they haven’t eaten all day.

It unfortunately has been known to happen! The day goes by so fast and it is very easy to be busy getting ready and forget to eat. We have found ordering food to be delivered to the room where you are getting ready is the easiest for everyone!

4. Hydrate…..and not just with mimosas! Yes, this goes along with number three but is also very important. While celebrating with your bridal party, having mimosas is very common, and I’m all about it! After a couple of those yummy drinks please drink some water! It won’t hit you until you are standing there for pictures after the ceremony and realize that you suddenly would do anything to get a glass of water!

5. Pack A Box! Your photographer will love you if you pack a box for them. This box needs to include things like, your invitation, menu card, program, favors and any other special details you have printed for your wedding. Keep the box in your room where you are getting ready and when your photographer comes to take getting ready pictures you can give it to them!

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