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Common Misconceptions When Thinking About Hiring A Planner

There are many misconceptions when people start to think about hiring a planner. Here are the top three:

1. Do I really need one or can I do it myself?

You really do need a planner and here is why… they are the expert and professional in this industry! They offer helpful money saving tips, lots of useful insight, many problem solving solutions, décor help, they can recommend trustworthy vendors and most importantly they are there on the day of to oversee absolutely everything and everyone!

FYI: Even professional planners hire another planner for the day of their wedding.

2. I am really organized, creative and good at planning other events for me and for my friends. I can do it myself.

Not recommended. While I have full confidence you are creative and organized and can plan everything leading up to the day I am also confident that you CAN’T be in two places at once! On the day of your wedding you will be busy spending time with your awesome bridal party and getting more beautiful than you already are!

You won’t be able to oversee your vendors or set up to make sure all is running smoothly. There will be constant questions in your mind and you will worry if everything is going right, are vendors on time, is the room being set up properly etc. Trust me the questions are endless!

Please don’t entrust a friend, mom, or aunt to take on this task either. They aren’t the professional and while I am sure they have great intentions they aren’t equipped with the knowledge and tools should a problem arise. They also don’t know all of the details about your wedding like a planner would.

Planners are here to take all the stress and worries away! We oversee everything so if something should arise we are here to fix it quickly before anyone even knows!

3. Planners are expensive.

Not really. They are invaluable. Here at Unbridled Wedding & Events we actually save you quite a bit of money! We offer our clients all kinds of discounts on different products and services. Between that and money saving tips we pretty much pay for ourselves at the end of the day.


Helpful Tip: If you are unsure whether or not to hire a planner I would suggest at least meeting with one or two to see what they can offer. Most consultations are complimentary so what can it hurt!

Happy Planning!

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